Аккумулятор на bmw x3 f25

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jnf1270 10 May 2018

Hi Brian, How do I know when I need a new battery? Dealer said voltage was low on control units but car seems to drive fine. I have a 2014 328i. Thanks!

Joe Goh 16 May 2018

love your vids as always. Btw, is it possible to use non-bmw specific batteries? Reason being that where I am from, u can only by BMW batteries from one BMW dealership (monopoly). I do prefer to use BMW specific battery though. Just wondering.

Will Lowe 20 May 2018

How did you get the app for $25 like you said? Google play store is asking for $65! Ouch

HeeHo Park 24 May 2018

where did you get the battery? my car also needs a replacement. thank you for the video. im glad we have the same car.

Jason Wen 29 May 2018

Hey Brian, quick question, so I’m looking at the battery at Autozone, H7 AGM, but it doesn’t show 90 or 92 amp anywhere like ur video, only shows 1000 cranking Amps, 80 amp hours and 850 cold cranking amps, thanks

Anton Regensburg 02 June 2018

Yes.anything for N55, F80/82 please.

MsCelicagt4 07 June 2018

Just wondering why the negative terminal sparked when you attached it. It shouldn t have any contact with the positive terminal. Maybe to do with this smart charging technology set up in Bmw s

Jose Robles 12 June 2018

Hey Brian, im a HUGE fan of your DIY Videos I notice you do alot of videos on 3 series. I was wondering if you can make DIY Videos for 6 Series. I have a 2013 640i.

blake88boswell 14 June 2018

I have an F31. I got down the battery, took off the brace and terminals, and the battery wouldn t come out. I pulled as hard as I could and it wouldn t even budge. Do you know if there is something holding the battery in besides the brace and terminals on the F31?

MFO 18 June 2018

Hello Brian, Is it possible for you to record a video showing how to install drivers glovebox on an F30? Thanks

Karel Arnold 20 June 2018

Hi Brian, can I use my iPad Air for registration instead of iPhone? One more question Brian. I’m planing this summer instal back up sensors on my 328i F30 model 2012 and I’m not sure how to connect to back up light wire, any chance you can give me advice? Thank you very much. Karel from Ontario.

JAP TAP 24 June 2018

This job is 300 for me if I did what you did my battery is 200 alone

Rudy Linhub 27 June 2018

Did you buy the battery from a local dealer?

Maya Mitsuya 02 July 2018

Was waiting for this, thank you Brian! One question, where did you actually purchase the battery?

biz4two biz4 08 July 2018

Hiya Brian! Hmmm, I m totally confused. Why couldn t you have selected OTHER type?

James Shuster 09 July 2018

Hey man - how did you know you were having voltage issues? Are you getting errors or something that allows us to identify potential issues before the car doesn t start?

azyd30886 13 July 2018

Thank you Bryan. simple and clear 👍👍

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