75870 chevrolet corvette z06

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:03:34


Давид Хернандес 03 March 2018

Barely looks like an actual Corvette

Megan Rose 05 March 2018

We did this and the camaro brick builder rocks👍✌🤘

Sick Italian Boy 06 March 2018

It says Corvette Z06. But it s a Corvette C7

mrlsadventures AKA Legoman 12 March 2018

Love this car, this is my car. Gigi loves watching your videos. We are racing this weekend.

MATTY GAMING BOY 19 March 2018

and guys,can you say his name of subscriber to me

MATTY GAMING BOY 25 March 2018

what s the mater i saw character was go black helmet but i lost the red helmet

MATTY GAMING BOY 27 March 2018

I got that but his helmet is black

Juan Marin 28 March 2018

Check out my Modded Corvette with opening doors on my channel 👍

Arya Gilang 01 April 2018

Oh man. That car looks freakin good

Gustav von Trzaska 04 April 2018

He doesn t even know how the stickers are supposed to sit😂

He Meilian 08 April 2018

i have that car bro! but its crashed into junk

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