P0137 ошибка шевроле круз

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Snail2969 09 May 2018

very helpful video and i love this guy!

Tep Sti 15 May 2018

So is bank 2 passenger or driver side?

samuel john 16 May 2018

just got an p0157 code on my dodge charger. im assuming that it is a bad o2 sensor as it does not affect the performance of the vehicle. the weird thing was that the check engine light just came on randomly.i will knowfor sure if thats the problem by taking it to my mechanic.

Attention to Detail 23 May 2018

Great Vid. educate me on something, why are we looking at volts? Shouldn t we be looking at millivolts for sensor readings and amps and continuity for the o2 heater? Is this the industry s New air fuel ratio sensor.is that the reason?

wyattoneable 29 May 2018

Hi Tim. Good work on the Jeep. It was well explained.

South Main Auto Repair 31 May 2018

That s it Tim I am sending you a test light so you can throw the dvom away and show us how to check 02 s!

Tom OConnor 04 June 2018

Those O2 sensors slow down over time so a change always pays dividends.Great video.

zx8401ztv 09 June 2018

Smashing, another customer happy :-D As you said, earlier sensors died upstream and the cat sensors were living on borrowed time lol :-D Most sensors look similar, apart from the connector being different, are the electrical specs close enough to use one from a different car model/maker?

stuzman 13 June 2018

Great job Tim and keep up good work!

Thomas Tommy 19 June 2018

Tim A good video. Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up.


Tim I just change all the O2 sensors every plug change but surprisingly I had one rear go on my Silverado last month fixed low. Tim getting close to winter and I have yet seen a vid on winter tire recommendations. Cheers.

Me5Ponk 27 June 2018

hey CD it seems like there have been some syncing issues on you last few vids

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