Какой аккумулятор киа спортейдж 2

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Joanne Boll 10 May 2018

Thank for the clear directions and saving a stupid trip to the dealer since like others have said the Kia directions were useless

Maxfli82 13 May 2018

I got the low key warning today. Is it normal for the battery to die in about 20 months? Thanks for the how to video

Pedro DallasCowboys 19 May 2018

Thank you just change my battery Great job

Ryan Derdall 24 May 2018

Hey, great video! I just wanted to add that you don t need to go searching for a flat-head screwdriver because the slot is actually the same size as the tip of the key that you pull out in the first step. You can use the key to pry open the fob. Cheers,

The Magic Rat 26 May 2018

Many thanks, could not be clearer!

killerqueen1974 28 May 2018

Thank You :) saved me some time!

EGallup628 02 June 2018

Thank you! I love it when you need a straightforward, non rambling video on how to do something and there s actually one available! Very helpful and now I don t have to dig through the manual. )

Cheryl Oli 04 June 2018

Thanks for a simple explaination!

junebug 11 June 2018

Thank you! Just what I needed to see!

Victoria Whitney Cole 14 June 2018

Thank you, helped me out a lot!

chillimocha 18 June 2018

Thanks, helped me achieve changing the battery easily.

David Norris 21 June 2018

Does the remote have to be reprogrammed after removal and installation of new battery?

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