2633 ошибка мерседес спринтер

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  • Дата публикации: 13 January 2018
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В этом видео: владелец, неисправность, проблема, расшифровка, микроавтобус, автомобиль.


MIKE HUNT 13 January 2018

don t buy Mercedes garbage and you ll be in good shape. not really known for their reliability

TheIrfanxz44 14 January 2018

the key is not to by them anymore like I won t they are just problem and cost to much to maintain mercedes supposed to be better then Kia and it s not

John Berriman 16 January 2018

Thanks! Iv e just done mine & replaced sensor with a new one. A Job well done. NOW 4100 rpm. GREAT!

Alwyn Derrick 20 January 2018

Hi Joe my 2005 mercedes sprinter 903 311 cdi is giving a code of p1188-008 how is this fix

terry987654 22 January 2018

that is happening with my van (2004 208cdi) i will have a look at this at the weekend. also it is making a slight tapping noise when cold then it does it under load any ideas what it could be?

TheIrfanxz44 28 January 2018

hi I have 2007 sprinter with po299 code I checked for leaks and everything alse can t find the problem please help thanks

Pat pattiboy 02 February 2018

actually my renault trafic is doing the same could that be the same fault?

Pat pattiboy 08 February 2018

Hello mate. we need more mechanics like you. most are numptys

JoeNunes345 12 February 2018

Ornel Fucia Did you manage to get any fault codes from the ECM?

William Scott 13 February 2018

It won t rev over 3000rpm with the bonnet open the have a sensor on the hood to stop this,have you tryed it with the hood closed? Its a safety thing on sprinters

Oleg Kazimirets 19 February 2018

Frank- Change the Vibration Damper it cost like $40 on ebay and I ll power will come right back, I had the same problem:)

Estela Rivera 24 February 2018

Información have code P0607 what I can do

Nelly Mazariegos 26 February 2018

I have the same problem with my 2005 Dodge Sprinter CDI 2.7L, but my is also leaking diesel. what can be the solution?

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