Мерседес бенц a класса

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
  • Просмотры: 28
  • Длительность: 00:04:22


Blake Swan 08 May 2018

I m sorry but FWD will never be luxury. Pass on this poser MB. Keep your gimmicky tech, I like to drive

DAVID Y 11 May 2018

Looks like the latest Hyundai Elantra GT.

A O'Connor 13 May 2018

Can we have torque described in Newton Metres please so we can understand it?

Val Strambu 15 May 2018

ANY German product is overrated AND overpriced! So NO.

TheManny1952 21 May 2018

I wonder when Mercedes is going to upgrade the command system in a GLS. That would be nice

Todd Medium Wellington III 24 May 2018

you ll be better off with the civic hatch or corolla hatch

Andy A. 29 May 2018

US never get the interesting cars. God damn it. Time to move to Canada. This country is screwed anyways

Ivan Vojt 03 June 2018

30K my A$$! Even 30 ish my A$$!

Booty Boots 07 June 2018

The Avengers has antman, the Autoguide has lispman.

Quân Anh 12 June 2018

Why does Canada always have a better version of the car? Why not America have hatchback? Are they gonna kill the cla because of the A class?

Jesus H Medrano 16 June 2018

look cool but a fwd mercedes. ill pass

James Wisrik 21 June 2018

Yosemite Sam said A class at $30K, ADD wheels, tires, engine, seats, tranny, doors, Windows, navigation, stereo,paint, carpet, lights, etc.now it s over $1. 8 trillion. Add 3 pointed star. $3.2 trillion for a POS! No thanks. Like the new Corolla hatch better.much better and more reliable at $20k.

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